High-Quality Glass, Reusable and Durable - Classic & Elegant Design - Versatile & Multipurpose Glass Jars - Easy to Clean with Wide Mouth Opening - Leakproof, Airtight Seal Lid Keeps Air and Excessive Moisture Out - Freeze Safe.



Spice Jar Glass Container w/ Airtight Lid and Band

This meal prep jar is made from food-grade safe BPA-free material and has a wide mouth opening making it super easy to clean. Great for meal prepping and taking foods on the go such as salads, chopped fruits, and parfaits.


1 Gallon Heritage Hill Glass Jar with Lid

These glass jars are perfect to store all manner of dry goods including flour, cookies, rice, coffee, spices, candy, and much more. Though they don't suction seal, containers' super thick, oversized glass reliably covers and protects foods and drinks.


Jars with Lids and Bands, for Canning and Storage

Preserve whole fruits and vegetables in these Wide Mouth Mason jars to ensure your canning creations remain fresh and delicious; glass jars feature lids that seal for up to 18 months.


Jar Rose Vintage Regular Mouth Pint Canning Jars

Rose-colored glass jars make beautiful vintage decor anywhere in the home—use them for kitchen decor, as spice jars, utensil holders, accessory storage, and more Set includes four 16 oz./pint Regular Mouth jars with lids and bands.

Our Customers Love Us!

"I am surprised by the reviews saying they didn’t like the color. I received the quart jars and they are a beautiful rose pink. Very similar to pink depression glass. I am very pleased with them."

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